Frequently Asked Questions

ANS: Paithani is an traditional Maharashtrian Sarees made of pure silk and golden thread (zari). A It is one of the significant wearing and followed as one of the oldest tradition of women in Maharashtra. It is produced with pure silk and golden thread. A fabric purely hand woven with delicate designing and exclusive color combinations takes from 1 month to 1 years to make one sari as per detailing on it. Paithani Saree is very exclusively worn on special occasions, weddings and it gives a royal feel and look to a person wearing it. It is known for its rich pattern printed on borders and pallu.
ANS: Yeola Paithani needs extra care for preserving. It must not be washed or rinsed at home or anywhere. A thin soft muslin cloth or a proper saree kit must be used to maintain Saree. It must be dry cleaned properly and should be kept away from rough, nailing surface to avoid thread stretch.
ANS: It is one of the richest saree patterns in Maharashtra. It is purely hand woven. Its identification is its fine fabric made up of silk and minute detailing of design on border and pallu. Its unique classification is done by square block designs on border and rich peacock design on its pallu. Its new form of Brocket printing and latest collection of designs cannot be neglected.
ANS: With a wide variety with Kapse Paithani, we deal in custom orders as per our clients desire and choice pattern. It is time taking work as concept of the client has to be put on papers and considering all aspects it is further taken towards processing. Admiring to our client’s fantasy we are always available to sketch their desire into fine design with our available team of experts and experience creative’s. We have collection over more than 1500+ designs available at Kapse Paithani, to witness the variety, we are always delighted to welcome our visitors.
ANS: We are trusted manufacturer and seller of the Paithani Saree. Our mission is to serve the best quality with the best performance and services to achieve customer satisfaction and a visit again place. Our manufacturing is authorized under Government and Silk Mark organization a mark of trust on fabric we sell.