Traditional Beautifying since 19 Years

Since its inception in year 2000 at KK Handloom we are the leading suppliers of a selection range richness of Maharashtrian silk Sarees like Yeola Paithani, Brocket Paithani, Special Padar Paithani, Benarasi Silk Paithani sarees and lots of more at our silk Saree hub.

Wide Range to Choose From

Kapse Paithani is that the perfect destination with an enormous collection of Indian Traditional and Ethnic wear. It is a one stop shop with a variety of choice befitting choice of every woman. Indian wears are popular due to its great thing about print, artwork, detailing of styles and quality of cloth soothing to skin of each wearer which adds glamour on every occasion.

Kept Tradition Alive

Mainly in Maharashtra, Saree is that the most elegant wear and therefore the oldest sort of women?s wearing, with the change of your time a spread in its manufacturing and printing has been introducted. Here at Kapse Paithani team at the backend with their vast experience always strives to take care of the ethnic great thing about artwork with the fashionable touch of print.

Why Choose Us

  • Since 19 years making beautiful Paithanis.
  • Wide range of Paithani sarees to choose from.
  • Elegant and Traditional artwork with modern print.
  • Satisfied customers around the world.
  • We do at-least 5 testing before products get hand-over to you.

Manufacturing Steps of Kapse Paithani

What is a paithani saree

Paithani is a variety of saree, named after the Paithan town in yeola Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand. Made from very fine silk, it's considered together of the richest saree in India.

Journey of Kapse Paithani

maharani paithani saree

Paithani silk sarees very popular from yeola to aurangabad. paithani sarees history